Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rainmaker 20 – The New Business Models

Traditional business models emphasized massive size or focused specialization.

The new business models use technology and global reach to create a smaller, efficient footprint.

Users now have access to events like Google I/O and to utilities that easily complete complex tasks.

Elements of the new business models:

  • Businesses are smaller – we don't need the throw weight of the past
  • Resources are not limited to local or regional access
  • Business structure changing from hierarchy to network
  • New projects now spend less time counting and more time building – collaborative resources reduce or eliminate the hire/train cycle
  • Architecture and security instead of command and control process.
  • Outsourced functions – e.g., delivery and warehousing – eliminate using internal resources for these functions
  • Not classroom training – open access groups share knowledge via forums, events, and blogs
  • Changes are more agile – in process and software – updates are launched as needed, instead of the next revision
  • Nanoscale changed the proof of concept phase of development – faster, cheaper

Keep the scope of projects to what can be done now and what is affordable now – add additional features and enhancements when you have customers and cash flow.

Google + - Center of the Internet

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